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Billing and Collection Implementing Guidelines
  • The SKWD will conduct reading & billing of service connection on monthly basis in each service area on schedule dates.
  • The concessionaire shall be billed on the prevailing water rate duly approved through public hearing, adopted for implementation by SKWD Board and confirmed by LWUA Board of Trustees, pursuant to the provisions of PD 198, as amended.
  • The concessionaires shall pay its bill monthly to the SKWD office or SKWD collecting banks before and after due date.
  • Due dates falling on holidays and Sundays will be considered on the next working day.
  • A penalty of P10.00 or 10% whichever is higher will be imposed on your current bill the next day if you failed to pay on your due date indicated in your water bill.
  • The SKWD will disconnect your service connection for failure to settle the water bills three (3) days after due date. No separate notice of disconnection will be served before disconnection.
  • Complaints on water consumption shall be made in SKWD office within 3 days upon receipt of water bill. The statement will be considered correct and final; if no complaint is reported after the 3 day contestability period.
  • A re-opening fee of P75.00 is charged to concessionaire in case of reconnection of disconnected service connection.
  • Disconnected concessionaire should pay its unpaid bill on/or three (3) months from last billing. Unpaid bill after 3 months period shall be ground for the termination of rights of concession with the Water District.
  • Should any water meters become unserviceable and condemn for a valid reason, the average consumption for the last 3 months shall be the basis of subsequent billing.
  • Concessionaire should verify from SKWD office for any unbilled service connection, undelivered water bill, and unattended request and any other inquiry at the most reasonable time.

Penalties on Illegal Connections under P.D. 198

A local water district under PD 198, Section 31 (d), shall have the right to:

“Safeguard and protect the use of its water. For this purpose, any person who shall install any water connection without the previous authority from the water district established under this Decree; tampers water meters or uses jumpers or other devices whereby water is stolen or pilfered water or water meters shall be upon conviction, be punished by prison correctional in its minimum period or a fine ranging from two thousand pesos to six thousand pesos, or both. If the violation is committed with the connivance or permission of an employee or officers of the water district, an employee or office shall, upon conviction, be punished by a penalty one degree lower than prison correctional in its minimum period and forthwith be dismissed and perpetually disqualified from employment in any utility or service company owned or controlled by the government. (as amended by Section 12, PD 768)”.

Thus the following are the corresponding penalty in case the concessionaire will be found tampering the meter and illegal connections:

  • First offense - P 3,000.00
  • Second offense - 6,000.00
  • Third offense - 9,000.00 and will be blacklisted in the district